Old Skool Desking

The Old Skool Desking system comfortably fits up to 6 people depending on the chosen system. The high quality finishes make this product both sturdy and durable. A touch of warmth is added to the office environment with the interesting shape of the solid oak legs. The classy and modern look of this desking system will perfectly compliment any office environment.

  • Desking systems:
    • Single desk
    • 2-Way cluster
    • 4-Way cluster
    • 6-Way cluster
  • Sizes:
    • 750 x 1350
    • 800 x 1600
    • 900 x 1800
  • Standard Finishes:
    • White, Storm grey, or Folkstone grey melamine tops with matching impact edging
    • Old Skool frame epoxy coated white
    • Solid oak legs
  • Accessories:
    • Cable reticulation tray
    • Grommet hole
    • Power docks
    • Privacy screens


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