Diffrient World Task Chair

Eight major parts, two manual controls, one comfortable you. The latest creation from Niels Diffrient combines unmatched functionality and sustainability in the simplest design ever conceived for a high-performance task chair. The Diffrient World chair offers the same level of dynamic support provided by automatic recline mechanisms, but does so whilst eliminating the mechanism altogether.

  • Standard Finishes:
    • Fabric: Oxygen Inhale, oxygen tranquil or oxygen revive
    • Frame: Black, white or grey
  • Specifications:
    • All-mesh design fits handsomely into any office – no matter where you work.
    • Tri-panel mesh back offers intelligent support for your unique pressure points.
    • Lightweight design makes it exceptionally easy both to assemble and relocate.
    • Net Positive certification means each chair produced restores energy and clean water while reducing environmental waste.
    • Diffrient World is yours with a 15-year, 24/7 warranty.

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